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Posted by Start Bootstrap on August 24, 2014

“Content is king”, and one of the major goals of this site is to have quality up to date information on the latest Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The question I had was, how to best keep the site updated. Lets face it, typing out articles in text boxes is not the most inspiring activity. While Firefox does have a built in spell checker and Drupal, my choice of blogging web software ,has various Rich Text editors (MS Word like interfaces for typing in content, think web mail interface). I still get distracted by all the things going on in by browser, not to mention all the buttons and other menu interfaces on Drupal. I decided to look around and see how professional content creators go about it. Blogging software seems to be the name of the software the professionals use. Even though I must admit to having seen the odd software release statement I had never paid much attention to this type of software. Yes I am one of those people who has suddenly discovered something that others have known for years, still I do feel rather pleased with myself. I read through some reviews, here are a couple of links:

After reading through these reviews and ensuing comments. I came to the conclusion that Windows Live Writer (WLW) and Scribefire were the two tools to try out first. I was able to install both write some blog and publish the test blog entries … you may see one such test floating around on my blog. WLW makes you feel like you are using MS Word. It has a familiar look and feel to it. The interface is clean and allowed me to concentrate on writing the content. Setting up WLW to publish to my blog was pretty straight forward and in no time I was able to push through some content. I installed two flikr plugins. Installation was straight forward, like installing any application on Windows. I simple chose the default options and after clicking next a couple of time the installation was complete. The first time I uploaded an image to flikr, I was asked for my flikr account login details. From then on including images in my posts was easy enough. Scribefire is a Firefox add which I finally settled upon. The main reason being the intergration with Firefox. At any given point in time I tend to have more than a few applications open at a time and adding another application is not going to make my life easier. I am using Scribefire for this current post. Since I have made the choice, I think will  post a couple of posts before posting a review on Scribefire.