Ubuntu Linux Experiment

Posted by Start Bootstrap on August 24, 2014

My parents have a desktop PC that is not connected to the Internet. They have had this PC for close to 4 years and 50% of that time the PC has been unusable. The PC runs Windows XP and viruses collected from memory sticks and cameras have constantly rendered it unusable.

I have now decided to install Ubuntu 10.10 on the PC. This is the experiment and several questions come to mind. Will my parents be able to use software packaged with Ubuntu? Will the software available cater for all their needs and will my life be much easier? Easier as in will I have less maintenance to perform on the home PC and less questions to answer about how to do certain things.

I will be making updates to this page about the experiences. The first update is I managed to buy a PC without any operating system and I have already saved some money not buying Windows. To be correct I have kept within the law by not pirating Windows.

EDIT: Apart from a document that "disappeared" as it was accidentally moved to another desktop I am happy to report that there have been no problems with the Ubuntu installation at home. The news is made even better by the fact that I am getting reports of people coming over to my parents' place to type documents as their computer is virus free.